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#019 – I was choosing to struggle financially because I thought it was the safer choice.

Somewhere in my journey, I created a false belief that if I didn’t struggle financially, I was guaranteed to struggle within my family.

We all create stories from our experiences. Is your success being hindered by a false story from your past?

This week’s episode is a quick listen on a very important topic. Discover how to rewrite a faulty idea to break through your barriers to success.

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Joe Pomeroy 0:05

Welcome, everybody to the Forward with Joe Podcast. I'm your host Joe Pomeroy. Today I wanted to share with you some ideas that revolve around the question, why are we sometimes so quick to reject abundance?

Joe Pomeroy 0:18

This is something that I talked about and shared in my recent number one best selling book, how to succeed as a married entrepreneur, the fundamental guide to starting a business without ending your marriage. But whether or not you buy the book, these are concepts that are very important to understand. And so I want to be able to share them with you because there's great value here. So to begin with, I want to reference a story I told both in my book, but also in the first episode of this podcast, and that involves an argument my wife and I got in and I ended up in a fit of pathetic rage kicking in a wood cabinet with my barefoot and I got a big splinter my foot and and there's a whole story to that you can read about more about it in the book or go back to the first episode if you haven't listened to that already. But for today's purposes, I just want you to know that I'm referencing that as we go through and talk about some concepts between the effort I put in versus the will of my higher power. And then what is abundance? And why do we reject that?

Joe Pomeroy 1:24

Really, what I want to speak to is that I know too many married entrepreneurs, that have a belief in a higher power, and they're making minimal effort to achieve an abundant life. And then when they don't have that abundant life, they just slough it off as Oh, that's God's will. Now I believe in an all knowing Supreme Being that guides my life, and for me, that's Jesus Christ. I also believe that many in their limited knowledge, use God's Will as a shield from their own lack of effort, rather than a service to support their effort. So think back to my bleeding foot moment when I kicked in that cupboard. I highly doubt it was God's will to see two of his children who made vows to be together forever, act so hurtful towards each other. I also doubt it was God's will that I abused the body he gave me by bashing in a cupboard door with my barefoot. Those were acts of agency. Those were choices that God allowed to be made, but they were my choices and my wife's to make.

Joe Pomeroy 2:29

Now God's Will becomes a service instead of an excuse when you actively seek to know it, then follow and apply His will as it is revealed to you. So we need to choose to become all that God intends for us to become. It's a choice. And again, it doesn't matter who you see is your God or your Supreme Being. There is something within that belief system where that higher power desires you to become More than who you are in this moment, and has provided you the path to that. So we need to choose to accept all that God offers us both spiritually and temporarily. And God offers everything. God offers prosperity, and he offers abundance, and God offers it to everyone.

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So why are we sometimes so quick to reject abundance? Well, for myself, I grew up with the idea that challenges are just a part of life, and also that the two most common challenges are family and finances. Somewhere along the way, I created a false belief that I had to choose between having either family struggles or financial struggles. I could choose struggles within my family, which may include health, death, rebellion, or divorce. Or I could choose financial struggles, which may include living paycheck to paycheck total loss of income trying to survive at or crushing debt, or living the most basic of lives with just the bare necessities. And this presented an almost shaming choice. How could anyone following Jesus Christ choose potential harm or misalignment to their family? So that meant there was only one alternative. My only choice was a life of financial struggle. Imagine that deliberately choosing to struggle financially. How could that be a loving, caring God's design, especially when you consider the number one cause of divorce is financial matters, or the number one cause of stress, anxiety and depression among adults, including business owners is financial struggles. The whole philosophy suggests maximum attacks on the family unit. It is time to reject the idea that somehow the safest way to walk is a path that will cause maximum pressure on the most important unit in the world, the family, when you break down the impact of that false philosophy, to either choose family struggles, or choose something that is proven to create family struggles, who do you think's behind it? Who do you think wants to destroy families? Is it the God of love, abundance and prosperity of which you know? Of course not.

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You and I are not meant to exist in perpetual agony. Yes, there will be struggles. But those struggles are not the full realization of this life, the struggles we face are moments to overcome and even utilize on our journey of happiness. So let's change one word. The choice is no longer do I want a happy family or financial success. The choice is Now, how do I have a happy family and financial success? And that's why I'm here. That's why I wrote my book. And that's why I share this podcast with you. It's also why I'm preparing other resources and services and products. to dive deeper into what we talked about on the podcast and what's available my book. It's time to apply the principles we've learned so we can create and live a full dream, a dream that integrates a successful family and a successful business. It comes down to what will you choose? Choose today to live your full dream.

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