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#027 – Teachers called him dumb. Students voted him most likely to fail. And yet he persisted.

What took Shawn Harper from the back of the class to become a player in the NFL? What drove him to additional success as a speaker and author after living his football dream?

And what can his paradigm shift do for your journey?

Whether your challenges are internal or external, Shawn provides stories from his life and career that will teach you how to become the winner you are meant to be.


Tune in to discover…

  • The difference between success and winning… and why you shouldn’t worry about success.
  • How you’ve been programmed from an early age to accept a mediocre life… and what you must do to rewrite that program and win big.
  • The #1 thing every true winner does… you’ll be amazed at how simple this step can be.

Check out the episode today and share the link with anyone you believe needs to win.

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