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The final 8 months of my job were a toxic whirlwind. 

Think of your worst high school memories – betrayed by your best friend, being bullied or threatened, the gossip and lies. 

It was straight out of Hollywood. Only the stakes were higher because I was the sole breadwinner with a pregnant wife and two kids.

The destructive work environment was triggering my anxiety and depression. I was constantly on edge at the office. And at home, I wasn’t playing with my kids or communicating much with my wife. 

The longer I stayed the worse things got. I wanted to leave. But I needed another job first.

I had to find something that would let me provide for my growing family and let my wife stay home with our kids. 

But it was harder than that. Time was slipping by and I was missing it with my little ones. Even when home, I was rarely present. I was not being the husband or dad I wanted to be and that left a constant ache in my chest and knots in my stomach.

The problem was my 12 years of managerial experience were all under this same supervisor. The chances of a favorable reference didn’t exist. The other problem was my mindset. I thought, “if this is how a ‘friend’ treats me, how bad could it be working for someone else?”


Then something happened.


During a weekly meeting with a business group. A friend said I don’t need to know how to do everything to have a successful online business.

This time I heard it different.


I heard… take what you know and find others to take care of the rest.


And I knew how to write. I knew how to tell stories. I knew how to sell.

So my plan was to write stories that sold products and outsource the rest. And you know what? They have a name for writing that sells– it’s called copywriting.

I started reading every book I could find on copywriting. I reached out to friends and family offering to write anything they needed so I could gain experience.

But I didn’t stop there. I found someone that had done exactly what I wanted to do and I began to read everything he published. I even joined his program and became a certified copywriter through him.


And it was good I didn’t wait. It was good that I took action when I did. Because as I was creating this business on the side, the final rope at my job broke and I was let go.

It was still scary. But because I had prepared I knew my family would be ok. Because the copywriting was going so well, I decided to pursue it full time.

And yes, I am able to provide and my wife works insanely hard with our kids at home.


But the real miracle… I am me again. I laugh. I play dinosaurs with my son, and color with my daughter. We read books together. I go on dates with my wife. I am happy.

With my copywriting business, I feel alive again.


And that’s why I’m excited to share with you how to become master storytellers so you can get these types of results too.


Focus Forward

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