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#005 – Less than 24 hours removed from a fight. They didn’t have answers. They hadn’t fully moved on. 

But instead of making excuses… instead of canceling… Tami and Lon Hyatt show us what courage and commitment look like as they lean into their challenge.

Do you have the courage to show up? Are you fully committed? What does it take to do it day after day — no matter what.

Get ready for a raw conversation with this power couple as they set the standard every entrepreneur needs in order to hit lasting success.


Tune in to discover…

  • What suppressing your creativity can do to relationships
  • What matters most when conflict shows up
  • The nasty secret married couples should stop hiding from their kids
  • A powerful tool to reconnect faster
  • What your marriage and business needs to survive turbulent times
  • Why Lon got called a liar, and how he responded
  • What’s at the heart of being an entrepreneur
  • How to get the results you really desire
  • The real reason you must get your content in front of others… now


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Joe Pomeroy 0:05
Welcome to the Forward with Joe Podcast, where we apply principles of success to all areas of your life. So you can win big in your business and with your family. I'm your host, Joe Pomeroy.

Joe Pomeroy 0:25
Hey, welcome, everybody. I'm so excited to have Tami and Lon Hyatt here. They've both been married for 25 years this September. Tami's recently launched a podcast about elevating entrepreneurs through positive mindset. And Lon has recently rediscovered his love for creating art masterpieces. Lon, tell me more about this transition into embracing your entrepreneur side with the art.

Lon Hyatt 0:49
So it goes back about nine months. There was a time in our life when we kind of hit a road where I had to do some inner examination and re evaluation. And Tam and I kind of had some issues to deal with which I'm sure we'll talk through in this in this session, but really reprioritize what was important, and the art that I've been a part of the my entire life ultimately said, I'm not going to be quiet anymore. So I started letting the expression out, snowballed on top of itself, and it's becoming bigger than me. And so just trying to let the expression out and let the voice be heard.

Joe Pomeroy 1:32
There's so many aspects of if we stifle what's inside of us, then it starts reflecting in our outward relationships. And there's all it's also really true that like as we start to embrace those parts that we hit resistance. Now there's an elephant in the room. This conversation almost didn't happen today, because there was some conflict that came up last night and you guys talk more about the conflict and some things that come up or that maybe happen or take place when you're trying to push forward.

Tami Hyatt 1:58
So both of us have been dealing with stress our own stresses separately, not necessarily stresses at home. And so we both are probably, let's just be honest, burning the candle at both ends. When that happens, you tend to.. I'll put it this way. I snapped, like, like it. It wasn't like I snapped and I lost it. It was like something was said and I snapped. And it was an instant regret.

Joe Pomeroy 2:41

Tami Hyatt 2:42
But because of everything that we've been going through, personally, what sorry not personally but separately from each other is what I meant to say. It just really took a toll like we had some troubles like both of us kind of getting past it. And that happens every once in a while. You know, usually we can get past things pretty fast. But you know, just when you're at the height of your emotions, sometimes it is hard. And so what ended up happening was we ended up having to have, I mean, it's been up and down all day, we ended up having to have a really hard conversation today and just kind of deal with it. So we have dealt with it.

Joe Pomeroy 3:28
You know, to me, that's the part that matters is that when conflict arises, do you lean into it? Or do you shy away from it? And anytime that you're moving towards something that can benefit you as an individual or in this situation as a couple. I'm making a really brass assumption here that you two being on my podcast is going to benefit you as a couple that's, that's the kind of beautiful arrogance I love to share. But this idea anytime you're attempting to move forward as an individual or as a couple, do something that's positive because we are going to talk about your businesses. You guys aren't going to get exposure This is something that's going to be out there for an extended period of time. And it's really forcing you to have to dive into what's going on with your businesses. Tami what's going on with your podcast and Lon, what's going on with your art? I mean, there's this very real element that tries to hold us back. I'm currently reading, let's see, it's Steven Pressfield's The War of Art. And the whole thing is about resistance. And like, I mean, that's what you guys are going through. And just so you guys aren't the only ones out there with, you know, a story out there. As I've been developing my proprietary process and putting these things together over the time and, and really honing in on how I want to support families. My wife's like, Okay, well, that's great. Well, what about us? And I'm like, Sure, let's do this. And every time we'd set up to talk about, okay, we're gonna we're gonna meet tonight, eight o'clock after kids are in bed and we're going to go over our strengths. And stuff would happen. Kids would be acting up, it'd be hard and I'd be like, I'm gonna sit down and talk. The worst one was like weaknesses, because I was like, I didn't want to do that in any way. So it was almost like I was looking for an excuse, but what do you guys Do I'm so impressed with how you leaned into it. And Tami, you were very diplomatic in how you shared leaning into it. How do you guys get to that point? Because it's not like you snap something said instant regret. And then you both have a deep sigh and go, gee, I love you. Let's move forward. Like how how do you what is leaning into things look like for you?

Lon Hyatt 5:22
The leaning into it? I think ultimately, pre to that, I think, again, you touched on it was I think Satan was kicking us in the teeth a little bit knowing that we were stepping into this opportunity, where we're going to share our voice, which is what came out of and I referred to that June situation, that crossroad that Tim and I went through where we declare that we have to be heard there's a voice and there's a story to be told, we ultimately are threatening someone you know, and by threatening Satan, he's not going to make it easy for us. So I think last night was a culmination of us both in our professional lives trying to deal with the day to day efforts that sometimes it can outweigh anything you can imagine. Ultimately Try to get in between- you can't silo that part of your life, ultimately, everything bleeds into everything you can try your best to. But, you know, Tami's having a rough day I'm having a rough day, it's gonna, it's gonna take a toll on us intimately. And for us, it was easy to see it, it was difficult to address it. But I go back to a topic that I have that I'm going to be writing about, at some point in my life the Tam and I are gonna be writing about is, you know, nobody told me it would be like that, you know, that's kind of that's kind of...

Joe Pomeroy 6:31

Lon Hyatt 6:32
...that's kind of the topic of that chapter to come is that, you know, moms and dads tell their kids, hey, it's not going to all be you know, butterflies and rainbows, but you're gonna have to work through real conflict in a relationship. And it's not all butterflies and rainbows and ultimately, you're going to have to deal with some of these harder discussions and decisions and reality checks and for Tam and I to lean into it. We've been married. We've been together more than 24 years because we grew up in the same church. together which we've known each other for a very long time, she was in junior high when I met her and her folks long life together and...

Joe Pomeroy 7:07
ages ago, that was a lifetime ago

Lon Hyatt 7:09
...for better or for worse. We are here now with beautiful kids and too many pets. But I think the leaning into it, Joe, ultimately, we've had to mature through our own selfish desires and looking out for ourselves and open that up and be vulnerable to each other and allow imperfection to enter into the relationship. And I know Tam and I both when we have good and bad moments, the you know, giving 110% is a constant. I know sometimes I'm getting 10 and she's giving 90, but as a couple and if we're working together towards that common goal, we level each other out and it's not easy. Last night was tough and yet today has been a kind of a hangover from yesterday but it's as long as we have that base of communication for better for worse working through it walking uphill, messy. We are going to get through it, you know, and we will endure whatever it is because Satan's not going to beat God. And and for me, I've got we've got the winning person on our side and our personal relationship. And you know, he's bigger than anything else. So we just have to have faith trust and work with each other.

Joe Pomeroy 8:15
I love that. Yeah, there's a lot to unravel. There a lot, a lot of deep pieces, I think. And Tami, I'm gonna ask you a question, because I think the answer to this question, sure it applies to this particular situation. But it's, it's in every situation when we decide to lean into it. So why didn't you cancel the call? With all this stuff going on? Why did you guys lean into why did you cancel the call?

Tami Hyatt 8:37
Uh, we both are extremely committed. And so when we make a promise, we'll do everything we can to make that happen. And so we knew that we had to get in the right mind. I mean, when we were having our conversation few, it was like four or five hours ago. I was like, Oh my gosh, if we do not get Pass this, this is gonna really stink when we talk to Joe today. And so...

Lon Hyatt 9:07
I was thinking the same thing too.

Tami Hyatt 9:11
And so but but we did, for the most part work through a lot of it and you know, sometimes you just have to you have to push past it, and you gotta and I don't mean like put it away, you know and not deal with it. I mean, like, come back to being together, maybe you'll maybe there will be a few little things that you still need to work on. But it's always good to come back together and start smiling again. So for us, I think one of the most therapeutic things for us was right before this, we were at our son's basketball game. And something that makes us smile is watching that kid play. He is six feet tall and 12 years old, and he can block a ball and it is so much fun to watch you know, not in my house. So that I think really helped, you know the talking helped and then just finding that commonality where we could smile together that really helps. I mean, they, the quote laughter is the best medicine. Honestly, let me just tell you like a quick side story I digress.

Joe Pomeroy 10:24
Digress away.

Tami Hyatt 10:25
I was I had a really bad day the other day and to the point where I just could not find my smile and one came in and it This was really weird because you know, they say that laughter it feeds really great hormones to your brain, you know, serotonin and I so I was laying in bed because pretty much all I wanted to do is be under my weighted blanket. And he this is going to sound This was not weird, he laid on top of me and he started tickling me, which is like massive torture. And our kids think it's awful. You know, when this stuff happens, like, Oh my gosh, it's so gross. What are you guys doing? But I, we were both laughing so hard that, you know, I felt better, like I really could feel my spirits rise. So finding, maybe taking a break from the conversation is also very good when you have had that conflict with the person that you're with and then coming together to smile and laugh is totally beneficial because then you can go and you can have a conversation later and you're not heated anymore. You're calmer and you're probably going to communicate a whole lot better.

Lon Hyatt 11:51
Well, look, let's sometimes you have to go through the motions to get through the obstacle and sometimes you just have to not Let the emotion lead the outcome because a lot of times we get our feelings hurt, and it takes time, I may be quick to release those emotions, but Tam may hold on to them until she dies, you know, and it's like, I can't depend on her timing, but sometimes it's okay, I've dealt with it, I've just got to let it go. And I've got to go to the month, and we just got to let it ride. And, you know, at some point, whatever that great cloud lifts, we'll be there together going through it, and it'll be real again, and it's not that that's not real. It's just that sometimes back to that hundred, you know, 10% 90% ratio, we're not they're equally yoked and and not giving up. And this is, this is part of the story that Tim and I have, since June had been wanting to build and write about is, you know, we have so many friends our age giving up, they run into these turbulent times and they just walk away from the relationship. So many of our close friends and family and have just broken our hearts and there is a story to be told about Tami and I fight through this Cuz we've had plenty of opportunities to give up, you know, 24 plus years. Good Lord, I can't count them. You know, there have been plenty of misguided adventures that we have done that were terribly detrimental to our relationship. You know, there's two things. God for us is one of the keys that kept us together. But two was, it's the love and the commitment. And again, love is superficial. Sometimes Sometimes I don't feel the love, the emotion is numbed. Because the situation is hard to look past, but you keep practicing and you can have that faith and don't give up. And ultimately, that cloud lifts and you're there and you're right back and you're stronger for it. And the next time God God puts you in, gives you an opportunity to grow and be stretched, you are able to flex a little bit more and you have a little bit more courage and strength to get through it. What do you think about that?

Tami Hyatt 13:52
I don't know what does Joe think of that?

Joe Pomeroy 13:55
I think what's interesting is, I mean, I very much target the show towards the entrepreneur and to business. And it's about that balance between family and business. And the part that fascinates me is when I listen with the intent of how can I apply these principles to both my family and my business? I mean, you're talking about lasting, eternal, whatever adjective you want to put in front of it, types of principles. And one of those is commitment. I mean, Tami, you mentioned you got on you got on this call, not because everything was perfect and dandy and you guys had it all figured out. But because you made a commitment. And so you're going to put in the work and put in the effort. And yes, that applies to relationships, but it absolutely applies to businesses.

Tami Hyatt 14:37

Lon Hyatt 14:37
Absolutely agree.

Tami Hyatt 14:38

Joe Pomeroy 14:39
You know, and and then and there's so much more and but going through the motions as well to part of what you spoke to Lon. There's times I don't want to write. I don't want to create content. I don't know what that looks like. I mean Lon I've seen you post some stuff on Facebook where you're like, Alright, this is a horse. I don't I don't know what to do with this horse. In fact, I...

Lon Hyatt 14:57
Thank you for poking me in the side with that that was one of my current stumbling blocks. Thank you very much. I just told I just told Tam I'm gonna cut the head off the horse, and there's gonna be ants crawling out of the head. And... thank you very much Joe for rubbing salt in that open wound.

Joe Pomeroy 15:12
Oh, let it bleed brother let it bleed. But this but yeah, it's that same idea. It's (right), you still sat down to do your art and you may not know what to do with it. Yep. But it's not going to keep you from painting. And the fact that you even did the piece that you did and Tami. And now before we hit record, Tami was giving me some gruff. Just to date this podcast at the time that we're recording this. I'm not officially launched my podcast, and Tami's recorded one episode and launch it the night that she put it out. And so there's salt in my would look we're Tami rubbing salt wound buddies.

Tami Hyatt 15:53
Yeah, so the truth of the matter is the first first night I'm like, I'm going to do this and so I did it. So there's a joke right now because the quietest place in my house is my car and it's the forward edge. So we're gonna call it edge studio. And I know right? And so, second one, I'm like, Okay, now I'm all like official, I got a microphone, and I took my laptop to the car, and I recorded it into my computer and more headphones the whole time and never heard a darn thing in my ears because they weren't working for me. I'm like, why was I wearing these the whole time? I hate it when I have headphones on and I sound like I'm in a tunnel. So So and then I it was funny because it was Thursday night. So Thursday night was the first time I posted Thursday night was the second time I recorded and had to post that night too. I mean, this is like, this is like raw. This is there's no editing you Maybe a little bit, but some wise person said that your perfect recording or video or podcast or my What is it my

Joe Pomeroy 17:13
my imperfect poorly edited recording that I produced is infinitely better than the perfect one stuck in your brain not produced.

Tami Hyatt 17:23
So So yeah, I was giving you a hard time but it was more of an encouragement thing just because just do it.

Joe Pomeroy 17:29
Yes do it well, and that's and I love it because in these conversations, I think sometimes when, when I'm in the thick of it in my relationship, my marriage or my parenting or if I'm in the thick of it with the business stuff. I'm looking for a business answer in the business world, and I can't see it. And it should be obvious, but it's not there. And then I go and I interact with my wife and kids and I see something there and the piece that I needed In the business world, whether it was that commitment, whether it was that take time to laugh, or walk away from the conversation and reset, whatever it is, I see it in my family life, and I go, that's what I needed in my business. Right. And so they're so interactive and back and forth. Right. So now you guys... sorry, say again, Tami,

Tami Hyatt 18:20
I just said it's totally true.

Joe Pomeroy 18:22
Yeah, for sure. So now as you guys are moving towards launching your individual platforms, Mm hmm. You're also looking at launching something together as a couple. And there's so many moving pieces here because you both have your regular jobs. You both are trying to do individual platforms. You're talking about getting something put out together. Where do you how do you guys create boundaries?

Tami Hyatt 18:47
What boundaries?

Joe Pomeroy 18:49

Tami Hyatt 18:50
that's a hard one for us. You know, it's funny because I don't look at Lon's painting as work. So and That is actually something lately I have not been feeling the best. So I haven't been with him when he's been painting, but honestly, we are together when he paints a lot. So it is we've actually bonded over him painting. And I always tell people, I am a much happier person when he's painting because he's a much happier person. Because really, it is an outlet for emotion. And my thing is the same. It is an it's an outlet for emotion. It's me finding ways to deal through things as an entrepreneur that I know can help other people. And so that is the premise behind my podcast. And what's funny is it's about elevating people with a positive mindset that I'm constantly having to pump into myself that positive mindset. It's hard, but as far as boundaries are concerned, I would say that we actually I have to be very intentional. There are things that we do, like we go to Boulder, and we have this favorite coffee shop, and we go there, and we drink coffee and maybe have a pastry, whatever it really yummy. And but I mean, we'll, we'll be gone for hours. It's funny because our kids are older your kids are younger. So you're not here yet, but they don't know if we're gonna be here in the morning or not. So the, as far as boundaries are concerned, it's more about being intentional than setting those boundaries. So I may be intentional about, you know, being with him when he's painting. I may be doing something else, but I'm here, right? Right. And we're spending time together or he may be asking me an opinion or whatever.

Lon Hyatt 20:53
There is a certain level of boundary, though. I mean, obviously we both have day jobs. So those boundaries are pretty easily definable. They take up all the time. We get the scraps for our personal time. I mean, that's the reality of it, right? I mean, most most Americans know that most people, you have to work to afford your life. And for me, I'm on call 24 / 7 / 365. So my time that I get to be to be an artist and to be an entrepreneur, which is not my native language, being an entrepreneur, that's Tami's native language. I mean, we're talking about Amway, you're talking about, I've been through the role, the roller coasters of Amway selling vitamins. She's always been that chaser of the next big opportunity, you know, but for me, the the boundary comes when she goes to bed, you know, so she gives up and that's no, and that's the best way of putting it.

Joe Pomeroy 21:43
Explain explain that because I don't think I'm hearing that how you meant it. So explain.

Lon Hyatt 21:47
So she can only run so long while I'm painting for you. If you've watched any of my following, or any of my podcasts, or any of my videos, or anything that I've done, I'm usually running all night. I mean, I usually turn on Use around nine o'clock. And I'll go until I've been known to work to just go change my clothes and go to work the next day, you know, I probably do that once or twice a week on an average. And I just, I'm working hard to build content to build a platform. And again, I'm not a social media guy. So this is all new for me. And I'm very, very, very naive. And I'm stuck at a certain number right now on Instagram and I can't get up or down. It's like, as soon as I get five up, I drop six, you know, so a lot of learned experience. And for Tam and I mean, the boundary is and I'll reinforce what she said is being intentional, making sure that you are finding that time to spend focused on you. Now you may end up talking to your kids about your kids or go shopping for your kids or whatever talking about the business but the two of us need to get out and that that's something that we've really been been much better about in the last year of our life than we have in the last 24 years. We've always given ourselves up to the family. And I know it's it's an old adage, where make sure you make time for yourselves and Yeah, yeah, sure I got it, you know, and you go through life soccer, baseball, marching band, volleyball, and you don't have anything left, let's go to bed. You know, it may not seem very strategic, or costly. But what I'll tell you is I believe that some of those couples that are age that hit their 40s and 50s, the mid 40s, I think is that Prime age where they go, I don't even know you, why am I with you? And it's because those years of burning it from both ends now slow down a little bit, you know, like, Who am I? Who is this next to me? So intention is very important. And again, that feeds back into sometimes you go into the motion, I'm too tired to go out on a Friday night and do something together. But it's about the point of doing it because you always find those moments in that moment to find the time that you that build to you and if not, you get to the argument time and there's still those opportunities to grow. And, you know, our today's conversation, I'm swinging it a little bit. But, you know, Taylor was in the same room as us. And she's our oldest and she's nearly nearly 20. And she got to see mom and dad having a disagreement. Back in my era of growing up, Mom and Dad always went to the bedroom, close that segment, that life part of our life. I'm not saying it's better or worse, there's different methodologies for raising kids and family. But to see mom and dad dealing with real world struggles in a relationship, I don't think is a bad thing. I think there's a certain limit of where you want to go with that, but letting them see reality. It's not all butterflies and rainbows is healthy. And so intent on finding a balance in the boundaries although my balance is getting up sleep and asleep when I die. That's fine. Caffeine was made for a reason. But you know, we're both very much looking to build something that we are vested in. Not that somebody else is going to tell us how to live and what we are and our value in a corporate organization we're building something for us. And that's something that we find joy and find that extra energy for.

Joe Pomeroy 25:07
Tami, did you hear the lie? Lon, you just you'd like hardcore lied?

Tami Hyatt 25:13
Which one?

Lon Hyatt 25:13
Which one?? Oh, my!

Joe Pomeroy 25:17
what you're describing being intentional, I mean, think about this you just said, and I'm gonna paraphrase now, you talked about be intentional and create the life that we want to create and doing it because it's what we choose to and not for some other elements, some outside element.

Lon Hyatt 25:37

Joe Pomeroy 25:37
That's what you're talking about your relationship. Now apply that to the entrepreneur life You lied, because you said entrepreneurialship is not your native language. But everything you just shared and everything you just talked about is at the heart of being an entrepreneur. It's about creating, what you want to create for yourself and for what you can do for those around you. And that's what you just described in your relationship with Tami. See, and this is where...

Lon Hyatt 26:04
Thanks, Joe. I appreciate that.

Joe Pomeroy 26:08
What's fantastic is because we put these limits on ourselves. Because it's what we've always done, or it's what's most comfortable. And I gotta tell you, what you're doing on social media and how you're reaching out to people. Whether or not you're getting responses right now, isn't the point. It's the same thing in relationships, the conversation you had today or conversations you guys had today, worked leaning into and working through your challenge from whatever's going on. The immediate result today is not the point. The point is that when you consistently put in that work, you'll get the result that you're creating. And this is it blows my mind to have these conversations, where everything sell everything about what you were just talking about, I believe from your intent was focused on your relationship and yet every word of it applies to business. Being intentional in business being intentional those relationships, creating what you choose to create for what you can do with it and who you can help.

Lon Hyatt 27:09

Joe Pomeroy 27:09
And that's so powerful, because now Lon you're gonna have to take that lie out of your quiver, you're gonna, you're gonna have to take that color of acrylic paint or oil or whatever you paint with, I think acrylic because oil takes too long to dry or something I don't know.

Lon Hyatt 27:24
All of the above.

Joe Pomeroy 27:25
Whatever it is, you're gonna have to take that shade and toss it out. Because you don't get to paint that stroke on you anymore. Because you are an entrepreneur at heart because of who you are as a husband, who you're striving to be as a husband and a father. And so every time that entrepreneur part starts to tingle and feel like it's not real, and you want to retreat to the security, it's the same principles that get us through the tough times in our marriage that get us through these tough times in business.

Tami Hyatt 27:52

Joe Pomeroy 27:53
And it's those same principles that allow us to succeed and allow us to build something beautiful....... They're shaking their heads now for those that can't see the video.

Tami Hyatt 28:02

Lon Hyatt 28:03
Mic drop. Right.

Joe Pomeroy 28:05
So... I don't really think you're a liar. I just was being dramatic.

Tami Hyatt 28:09
No, that's fine. The the the I gotcha.

Joe Pomeroy 28:13
I'm feeling I'm feeling some resistance. I'm feeling like you don't want to fully grab hold of that tell me what's going on.

Lon Hyatt 28:17
No no no... I, you know, I absolutely agree with you 100%.

Tami Hyatt 28:20
I think he's processing

Lon Hyatt 28:22
No, I'm an analytic, I like to think and chew on, you know. And so you're right. The troubles that we've been going through lately, and the troubles, it's the outer pressures that we've had from our jobs and from forging our path there have definitely impacted us and these are the exact things that we are building something better for. And so when Tam and I discussed starting our own platform, you know, Hyatt Ink. We did it as a platform and our intention fully was to give our kids that opportunity to branch out of that platform to have their own opportunity. So it wasn't just about me and my art because I'm not the only talented person in this household and I've got three kids that are untapped potential. And my wife, she says she doesn't have any of that ability. And that's bull. She can knit up a pair of socks like nobody's business and she doesn't think that's artistic. I'm like, I would never be able to do that. And I don't have the desire but there are people that do and that's expression for me. That's the underlying message in it. I try to find that in our relationship. passionate person, she tends to be a passionate person. So you know,

Tami Hyatt 29:29
Put two passionate people together and see what you get

Lon Hyatt 29:31
You know, it could be sparks and sparks and hearts. You know, I mean, that's fine.

Joe Pomeroy 29:36
Or it couldbe hurricanes and tornadoes.

Lon Hyatt 29:37
That's exactly right. There's extremes in that and

Tami Hyatt 29:40
so fun fact...

Lon Hyatt 29:42
okay, great.

Tami Hyatt 29:43
Fun fact.

Lon Hyatt 29:43
I hate it when she does that. It usually means I'm gonna get I'm gonna be blushing or something.

Tami Hyatt 29:48
No, no, no. Both of our moms read Dr. Dobson's the strong willed child. Yeah, both of them.

Lon Hyatt 29:55
Historical reference

Tami Hyatt 29:58
that tells you...

Joe Pomeroy 29:59
That they needed to figure out how to deal with you as kids is that the idea?

Tami Hyatt 30:03
basically, yes

Lon Hyatt 30:03
we're both also the oldest and we got to trailblaze. And we were, you know, we got to break our parents in for the rest of the kids and brothers and sisters. So, you know, iron sharpens iron. So we're constantly sharpening each other

Joe Pomeroy 30:19
well, so we've talked about commitment and intentional being intentional and I want to give the opportunity Lon for you to tell us how you are being intentional with and what are some things that you're doing there that why should Why should our listeners check that out and go there and experience what it is that you're creating and producing?

Lon Hyatt 30:40
Hyatt ink for me is kind of a manifestation of pent up quiet expression that I've been denying my entire life and I would say Hyatt ink is an opportunity for not just me but my entire family and a legacy that they can be a part of and they can partake in. It's not just mine. So for me, it's a journey that I look to pull everybody in around me on. Ultimately we have an opportunity to one sail our own be the captain of our own ship, but to tell a story and the story may be undefined as to what the bottom line of that story is. But part of that story is not giving up in life, resetting, hitting that reset button, finding those opportunities to not be that person you don't like, hit the reset button start over, you know, there's it's never too late. Tam and I had to hit that mark. But the business itself is about creating, expressing expression is one of my one of my tags, you know, find your voice, find that quiet corner, find your way as an individual to express. I've had too many people in my life take their life because they didn't have any voice. They didn't have an opportunity. We've had people who have ended their relationships because they were alone. They didn't know that there were 20 million other people going through the exact same thing and didn't give up or haven't given up yet. And for us, and I get a little preachy there because it's so emotional, but...

Joe Pomeroy 31:58
You guys had some really Really close relationships that absolutely impacted by what you're talking about. So yeah,

Lon Hyatt 32:04

Joe Pomeroy 32:04
Which comes through in your art, then as well, when you're talking about that level of emotion.

Lon Hyatt 32:08
Absolutely. My art is led by emotion. And then Joe, you've seen, I don't know, if you've seen some of my, you know, sometimes I go into a blank canvas not even knowing. I'm like, I can't tell you what the beginning or the end is going to look like. But I'll tell you that in the first few strokes, I have a direction that I'm heading, and maybe a night later before I actually get a grasp of where it's going to end. And when the final product, it's like, Wow, that's awesome. I'm amazed did I do that, you know, kind of thing.

Joe Pomeroy 32:32
I love that you get to that point because sometimes I produce a piece of content and I'm like, I don't know where this is going. And then I finished it with that I go, I don't know where that went. We'll just book I still put it out there. I mean, whatever the creation process is or whatever the person is doing, whether it's jewelry or art or writing or podcasting, whatever it happens to be. And this and again, I mean so many things go full circle here because we talked about this earlier is it goes back to just getting it out there, having that imperfection being produced is better than the perfection being held in. And I do want to mention something Lon that's interesting to me about as we've been talking. So during the course of our conversation, I feel like I've come to understand a little bit more about you and your story.

Lon Hyatt 33:18

Joe Pomeroy 33:18
If for nothing else, then how you feel you fit into the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial... ...into the world into the world of entrepreneurs. And it's, it's interesting to me because there's this real wrestle and and some of your art pieces I've looked at, and I've been like, Oh, that's cool, or Oh, that's interesting, or, well, I could see that in somebody else's house. Yes, now like, now, I'm hearing your story. And every time I look at your art, now I'm gonna see it as a brother that's going through this journey with me, because no matter whether somebody is just starting their business, or they're going from six to seven figures, or they're trying To figure out how to get the business to run on its own, there's always a sense of vulnerability. There's always an element of to one degree or another of the imposter syndrome, as is commonly referred to. And now I'm going to be able to look at your art and see that and so I'd encourage anybody that found value in listening to our conversation, to really go check out because you can see, now you'll see and understand Lon's journey, and you'll be able to see the incorporation of his family and those emotions in the art and as an entrepreneur, now that I can place myself in your art through those shoes and as as a figurative brother, there's an emotional power in that for me, even if I'm not the one that's painting, and I think that's where the value comes in. And that's why following you will be worthwhile. That's why keeping up on your art, that's why figuring out how I need to bribe you to get you to send me my favorite piece of artwork, whatever that happens to be

Tami Hyatt 34:56
You're not the only one

Joe Pomeroy 35:00
It's all part of that journey. And and I appreciate your humility with it and you know and saying, oh, if I make money, great and sure that you know, hopefully we'll do that. But really, it's about the family. It's not what all this is about. Tami' podcast, this podcast. Yes. It's a business. Yes. The workshops I do the courses I have, yes. But it all comes back to the family. It all comes back to creating the life that we choose. For those that we love.

Tami Hyatt 35:26
It's your why.

Joe Pomeroy 35:27

Lon Hyatt 35:27
well, it's also your zone of genius too. I mean, if we're talking about what do you really enjoy in life Do I enjoy getting told what to do by other people in the in the corporate world? Sure. Maybe that's brings me a certain sense of satisfaction. But when you're the captain of your own ship, and you're driving and you succeed, and you fail, and you succeed, you pick yourself up and you Oh, my goodness, there's no more. There's no more sense of gratification, then, you know, brushing, brushing off your pants and getting at it again, integrating it with your relationships, finding the balance, the boundaries, the the opportunities, the ways to bring people in to share those experiences with others. That's what it's all about. Yeah, of course, we all want to make money. And that's a that's a part of it. I would say that's never been my main focus for it. But it definitely helps encourage the existence of the business. the sustainability of it. But yeah, it's an outlet. It's something that I like to share. It's a story I'm telling and I and when people can relate. And, Joe, you said something a minute ago, and I don't remember exactly what it was or how it went. But your worst podcast I do. Remember, now, your worst podcast may still touch somebody in a way that you never even imagined because somebody else might be using that opportunity for them to meet them where they're at. And for me, same thing, and I'm not saying God on my, my painting, or whatever it is the message I'm trying to see. But through that darker picture, someone may see some light or may find hope I have a painting called hope, where you see this weighted individual who is just looks like they're being crucified almost, and there's a ray of light coming through the darkest clouds and the message is there and if somebody sees that finds hope that's awesome. That's part of my mission is to encourage others and whatever they're in and what is I may not like it I may not be it may not be my favorite. But again Joe it's to the point of you don't know what God or someone else is using that to help where someone else is at that time. So we got to get the content out there. Whatever it is.

Joe Pomeroy 37:19
Absolutely. Alright guys, well, we need to we need to wrap up. Tami, where can we get ahold of you? Where can Where can we get ahold of you find your podcast?

Tami Hyatt 37:27
Uh, And I'm on iTunes as "That Girl Tami."

Joe Pomeroy 37:34
All right. Awesome. We'll have that...

Tami Hyatt 37:35
I am just That Girl Tami.

Joe Pomeroy 37:39
Alright, we'lI have that in the show notes for everybody so or on Apple iTunes at That Girl Tami and then Lon for you. It's and what's your Instagram handle or something where we can find you on social media?

Lon Hyatt 37:53
Isn't it LonDHyatt?

Tami Hyatt 37:54
We should know this right?

Lon Hyatt 37:58

Joe Pomeroy 37:58
That's genius.

Lon Hyatt 37:59
Yes. It's so original. I mean, it's so hard to find.

Joe Pomeroy 38:09
the Tami Hyatt. That's very humble of you. It's very humble of you That's okay. I think I'm, I'm @theJoePomeroy. Alright, so I want to close out with this idea that came to me while you were talking. And if if you can turn this into a masterpiece, I think I would just stare at it all day. You talk about being the captain of the ship at the helm and driving through these ups and downs. And I'm picturing this massive stormy night. And it's just a man on a ship at the helm behind the wheel. I don't even know how much of the ship you can see like it doesn't even matter how big or how small it is. The point is that he's out in the storm. And he's riding these waves of fury and there's ups and there's downs, but yet in his eyes, there's extreme determination because he sees where he's headed and he sees that light that he's about to embrace and come on to and As you're talking about that, I love when principals drive through all avenues of life. And here you're talking about emotion and art. And yet that is the entrepreneurs journey. And again, Lon, that's why you are an entrepreneur at heart. Because you see that and you feel that and you've inspired that me I'm feeling emotional about this idea of it doesn't matter what's out there. It matters, my determination, it doesn't matter the size of my ship, it matters the direction that I'm headed, the waves are going to come up, they're going to come down, but storms pass.

Tami Hyatt 38:14
Oh no, let me just tell you. I know mine. Mine is @theTamihyatt

Lon Hyatt 39:36

Joe Pomeroy 39:37
And I'm so grateful that you guys leaned into this. So we could have this conversation today, because I've gotten massive value from it. So thank you so much for being on the show.

Tami Hyatt 39:46
Thanks for having us.

Joe Pomeroy 39:51
Thank you for joining us on today's episode. If you found the information helpful. Remember to share it with your friends and family and make sure to subscribe on Apple podcast or your favorite podcast player. You can find more episodes at Thank you and we'll see you next time.