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Most people think anyone can write good copy. They search online for a low-price bid and the promise of a 24 hour turn-around… then they’re upset when the copy doesn’t sell.

If no one has taught you how to get effective copy… or why it is so important… then it’s not your fault.

Here are 4 tricks you can use to reduce risk when finding the right copywriter:


The Pricing Model of Most Freelance Copywriters is Broken.

If someone starts quoting you a “price per word,”… RUN!

Your copy is likely to be filled with fluffy filler words that do more to increase their price… while decreasing your sales. If they are charging you per word… your goals are in opposition.

Instead, find a copywriter who charges based on the project.

A sales letter, an email sequence, a product launch… they will all have their own price structure based on what you need.

Your goals will be aligned, the fluff will be cut, and your sales will improve.


Find Out Where They Learned Their Craft.

Anyone can write and anyone can claim to be a copywriter.

Finding someone that learned from a reputable, proven mentor or school reduces your risk.

Ask to review previous work they’ve done. Even the newest copywriters should have work to show you… it could be the sales page that got you interested!


Good Copy Should Make You Uncomfortable

…in a GOOD way. It should highlight your strengths and how you help others… which can be uncomfortable for some.

It should also challenge you and your reader to take action. An action that leads you to be better.

If your copywriter is a “yes man” it could indicate they lack original ideas, or they are looking to appease you just to get paid sooner.

You are the boss. Final decisions are in your hands. But let them push your boundaries and help you get more sales.


An Expert Communicator Should Expertly Communicate With You.  

Do they have a plan for discovery talks (especially at the beginning)?

How will they provide updates or stay in contact?

These things keep you on the same page. It reduces the need for (and number of) corrections. And it gets you copy that really connects with your message.

Just because they are a “creative” doesn’t give them an excuse to be flaky.


Whomever you choose should meet the following 4 criteria:

    1. Follow a Per-Project Pricing Model (think quality over quantity).
    2. Trained, mentored, and/or certified by a reputable source (reduce risk through evidence).
    3. Write copy that pushes your business forward (be ok being a little uncomfortable).
    4. Have a plan for the process (from start to finish, how will they maintain expert communication with you?).


How to Focus Forward

How can these tricks help you Focus Forward?

  • Be ready to put in a bit more effort on the front end to save you time and money in the long-run.
  • Have these and other questions prepared before you talk to the copywriter. Don't get caught off guard by the moment.
  • Communication is important in ALL aspects of your business… surround yourself with the right team.

What else did you learn? Share in the comments below!